The Tennessee Marina Association is a state association that works with sportsmen, boating and tourism organizations and with public, state and national organizations for the betterment of recreational boating. As a spokesman for the marina industry in Tennessee, TMA not only provides a strong voice for marina issues, but also provides and maintains an open line of communication between it’s membership and federal and state organizations in an effort to work together on issues of mutual interest.

  • To provide an organizational structure for owners and operators of marina enterprises who are helping to meet the public’s demand for recreational activities, services, facilities and areas.
  • To foster and maintain communications between members for their mutual benefit.
  • To promote broader public interest in the benefits of recreational boating.
  • To encourage and promote educational programs aimed at improving marketing, operation and management of marinas.
  • To establish better communication and liaison with governmental agencies in the formulation and interpretation of marine regulations through representation on advisory boards and commissions, at hearings and educational meetings
  • To furnish the General Assembly of Tennessee with information pertaining to marine and boating legislation.
  • To function in any manner that will further the interest of marine enterprises compatible with the public’s interest in water recreation.

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